How mobile camera locations are chosen

Mobile camera locations are determined by SA Police using intelligence and other factors to calculate a road safety risk rating.

The camera site selection criteria aims to improve safety by enforcing speed limits and to act as a general deterrent.

When identifying a high-risk road in metropolitan Adelaide or in regional South Australia, SA Police analyses four criteria. Each criteria is assigned a weighting which is represented in the diagram below.

Casualty crashes

Collisions which involve fatalities, hospitalisation or occupants being treated by a doctor.

Traffic Watch reports

Reports by the public identifying locations of concern.

Expiations exceeding the speed limit by
30 km/h or more

All other offences relating to road safety

From these calculations, SAPOL creates a deployment list which is regularly reviewed, updated and communicated to the public.

Rigorous procedures are in place to ensure the correct use and application of every mobile traffic camera. The set up and operation of each deployment needs to comply with the Road Traffic (Miscellaneous) Regulations 2014 and the manufacturer’s specifications.

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