Setting a speed limit

The following principles are followed when setting or reviewing speed limits:

  • The speed limit must reflect the road safety risk while keeping the traffic flowing
  • The default 50km/h speed limit for built up areas and default 100km/h speed limit for outside of built-up areas is the initial consideration
  • The speed limit must not exceed the maximum assessed speed limit for the road, taking into account crash profile, road function and use, and known hazards e.g. presence of intersections
  • Speed limit changes should be kept to a minimum
  • Setting and reviewing speed limits should be part of a route-based approach

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport has produced a Speed Limit Guideline for South Australia document (PDF, 2653 KB) that is considered when applying speed limits throughout South Australia to make roads, roadsides and road-related areas safer for all road users.

Driver legislation

In South Australia the road rules are covered by the:

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